Silicone Cables

(up to 180°C)

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Silicone insulated cables offer excellent resistance to both high and low temperatures (-60°C to +180°C) as well as excellent resistance to ozone, UV Light, radiation, corona discharge and arcing. Silicone has exceptionally good resistance to extreme weather and remains relatively unaffected even after long exposure.

Silicone rubber cables do not readily support burning and are Halogen Free in the case of fire. Should a fire break out, the silicone cable is capable of working through, turning to silica ash which in its own right has excellent dielectric characteristics. A glass fibre braid can be added at the production stage to the standard silicone cable (SIAFGL) to contain the ash to ensure the performance of the cable after such an event. The cable, for safety and performance reasons, would need to be replaced after such an event.

Applications for silicone cables include domestic appliances, catering equipment, lighting, rail, industrial ovens and furnaces; as silicone does not support bacteria or fungal growth, they are ideally suited to the medical and food industries.

UL/CSA Approved

We are able to offer a range of silicone insulated, glass fibre braided single core and silicone multicores with UL and CSA approved for the North American market. Having a choice of conductors including, tinned, plain, silver and nickel-plated copper in class 1, 2 or 5. Available from 30awg up to 70 MCM and with temperature range 150°C / 300volt up to 250°C/ 600v.

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At Peak Cables, we are able to offer a range of Special Cables, tailor-made to suit our individual clients' requirements in a variety of high performance and demanding applications including Subsea, ROV, Robotic, Umbilical, Military and Medical.